When one comes in to a wing bar the last thing you expect to order is something healthy. I mean come on, right? Why not indulge into some loaded cheese fries and twelve — or should I say — eighteen piece wings. However, with the new year here you swore you’d eat healthier to get closer to having that beach bod. Well no worries because Bayou City Wings® has your back. This week we’re featuring our top 3 healthy picks that fit anyone’s taste buds.


  1. Not a fan of a traditional salad or want to treat yourself on cheat day without feeling the guilt right after? Well have we got what you’re looking for! The Bayou Salad is our number one selling salad and it’s no surprise why. It’s basically eating boneless wings with more than your daily veggie requirements. Therefore, according to our calculations, it evens out, right? Just ask Professor Bayou if you don’t believe us. The salad is made up of grilled, or fried, tenders on lettuce, bacon, egg, tomato, cucumber, cheddar and croutons. With over one million ways to sauce your tenders you’ll never get tired of this entrée.

  3. Our Club Salad is our second most popular salad that our customers love to order. This meat trio entrée features bacon, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, egg, monterey, and cheddar cheese. We have 8 dips to choose from to give it your own twist: Bayou City Wings Sauce, Butter Sugar, Creamy Cilantro Lime, Blue Cheese, Buffalo Ranch, Jalapeño Ranch, and Mango Habanero Ranch

  5. Last — but not least — is our Turkey Burger. Yes, Thanksgiving has passed, but trust us this burger tastes nothing like those leftovers. Although Turkey Bacon is usually dry we assure you this patty is juicy. Served with a side of fries the burger includes the turkey patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo & pickles on a whole wheat bun. If you’re dead-set on your diet you can substitute those fries with broccoli & carrots or black beans.


Saban’s Legacy

Wow. What a game! Georgia looked to have the game in hand going into the second half of the game with a 13 point lead. Another solid outing by Freshman Quarterback Jake Fromm gave the Georgia defense when seemed like plenty of breathing room when, a listless Alabama team, brought in their own Freshman Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and put up 20 points in the second half. Before sealing the game with a 41 yard touchdown pass in overtime to give Nick Saban and Alabama another National Championship.


6 National Championships. 6. That Ties Saban legendary Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant for the most championships in college football history. What else does Nick Saban have to prove? Where does he go from here? Amabama’s improbable overtime win in Monday’s National Championship game begs that question. I’m sure he’ll stick around until he wins that 7th championship, but after that? Who knows? Saban is currently 66 and if/when he wins a 7th title, that might be a perfect time to go out on top.


How many more years will Nick Saban coach at Alabama?

How many more years will Nick Saban coach at Alabama?

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The Rockets are still hanging tough in the western conference despite their recent loss to the Golden State Warriors. Losing Harden to a hamstring injury will hurt, but this is a long season and if we learned anything from the Astros this year it’s that as long as you finish the season strong anything can happen in the play offs.


In other news the Texans have finished they’re season and Rick Smith is taking a year off from football. Smith has been a controversial figure in the Houston sports scene with many local people feeling like he hasn’t done a good enough job and wanting a new General Manager. Bill O’Brien is also in the final year of his contract so there should be a lot going on behind the scenes at NRG Stadium this offseason.


Will Rick Smith be the Texans GM when he’s ready to come back from his leave of absence?

Will Rick Smith be the Texans GM when he's ready to come back from his leave of absence?

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Rockets Slump

The Rockets confidence has not slipped at all during their recent losing streak. Basketball, like baseball, has a long season. There are bound to be ups and downs through out the season. While it’s true that Golden State doesn’t give Houston a lot of room for error, now is not the time to hit the panic button.


Let us know what you think. Are you concerned about the Rockets?

Are you concerned about the Rockets recent slump?

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College Football Playoffs

Now that the College Football season is over it’s time to start looking at Bowls and the national Championship. does the current set up of a 4 team playoff allow for enough worthy teams to compete for the National Championship? Teams like Alabama, Ohio State,and Miami may find themselves on the outside looking in this year even though they look every bit as good as the top four ranked teams. Expanding the playoffs to 8 teams would be a huge boon for the sport. It would still be a small enough group that a playoff would still mean something but it would also give more teams a shot at playing for the national championship which would add more interest and excitement.


Let us know what you think. Should College football expand the playoffs beyond 4 teams? Vote in our poll!

Should College football expand the playoffs beyond 4 teams?

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World Series WIN!!!

What a series! What a great win for the Astros and the City of Houston. We needed that. After Harvey and everything else it’s such a great thing that the ‘Stros we able to bring their first championship ever home. The beat the best in Major League baseball and to was a pretty evenly matched Series, but our boys still earned history and came home with the win. What more can we say about this team? Nothing except that they’re still young and we’ll have this core together for a couple more years. Don’t be surprised if the Astros are back in the Fall Classic next year.


Unfortunately the big news coming from the Texans right now is…what’s the opposite of Good? Oh yeah. Bad. Very Bad. DeSaun Watson tore his ACL at practice and is out for the season. It’s got to be frustrating for a player off to such a great start to his NFL career to face an injury like that. The Texans are just snake bit this season. There’s really no other way to explain it.

Do you think the Astros will be back in the World Series next year?

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World Series!!!

The Astros are in the World Series! They’re coming in hot off of a dramatic rally from two games down in the ALCS. This is the first time the Astros have been to the World Series since 2005. This is a special team. They had the best record in the American League for most of the season and they added one of the best pitchers in Baseball when they brought in Justin Verlander.


It’s a bummer that they lost Game One last night, but like I said, this is a special team, and they showed a toughness and resilience against the Yankees to get to the world series. I think it’s the Astros year. They’ve just had a feeling of magic around them all year and it doesn’t feel any different now.


The Texans are traveling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks this Sunday so after a week off they should be rested and ready to face off against the Legion of Boom. The NBA season has begun and the Rockets are looking good as they get off to a quick 3-1 start. Like Baseball Basketball is a long season, but this could be a special year for Houston sports.

Will the Astros bring a World Series Championship home to Houston?

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  • no. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Houston, We Have a Quarterback!

The Texans may have lost a heartbreaker to Kansas City, but One thing is for sure: Watson looks like the real deal. 5 touchdowns, no interceptions, he was just flat out balling on Sunday night! The 48 yard touchdown to Fuller couldn’t have been more perfect. If you’ve got receivers that can contend for those jump balls, throw ’em up there and trust your guys to come down with the ball.


It’s a good thing that Watson is playing as well as he is because cause the Texans defense suffered, not one but, two crippling blows in the first quarter. Losing Watt and Mercilus is going to be hard to recover from. We have to hope Clowney doesn’t go down, or we won’t have any pass rushers left.


In other sports news, despite some aggressive, yet questionable, managerial decisions by AJ Hinch The Astros won game 4 of the ALDS and are now moving onto the ALCS to face the winner of tonight’s game, Either Cleveland or New York.

What Are You Most Excited About In Houston Sports Right Now?

  • DeShaun Watson (100%, 1 Votes)
  • Astros Playoff Push (0%, 0 Votes)
  • New Rockets Season/Ownership (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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The Texans played a great game against the Patriots. It was a game that they should have won too! These are the loses that always hurt, the ones where you were SO CLOSE to winning but it just gets away from you. On a day when the Texans defense stepped up and showed what they are capable of, Tom Brady reminded everyone why he will be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer.


Speaking of Quarterbacks, it looks like we finally have one in Houston! I don’t want to get ahead of myself but Watson played well on Sunday and showed a little bit of why the Texans traded up to draft him. he moved around in the pocket, had good vision and thew the ball well. Now he is going to have some growing pains and make some rookie mistakes, but, if you ask me, the future looks bright for this young man and our team.


On Sunday The Tennessee Titans come to town for a divisional showdown. The Titans are coming in 1.5 point favorites. Look, I’m not going to lie, the Titans have looked good so far, but are they really a better team than the Texans? I don’t think so, and I don’t think our boys think so either. This should be a good one, If you can’t make it out to NRG the bast place to catch the game is right here at your favorite Bayou City Wings! Get yourself a nice hot Chicken Sandwich sauced up any way you crave and ask about our Sunday Beer Pitcher Special!

Should the Houston Texans Be Underdogs At Home Against The Tennessee Titans?

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Well That Was Ugly

Texans-7, Jaguars-29. I don’t think anybody saw that coming. Are the Jaguars really that good? Are the Texans really that bad? This game gave us a lot of questions with no answers. It seems like Duane Brown’s hold out is going to have a major impact as the Texans O-Line gave up 10 sacks on Sunday, prompting Bill O’Brian to pull Tom Savage at the half and throw Deshaun Watson Straight into the fire. To make matters worse they have a short week and have to travel to Cincinnati to play the Bengals this Thursday. The Texans have had the Bengals number in the past so let’s hope that trend continues this Thursday.

Will The Texans Win On Thursday?

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Football Is Back!

Play time is over, the game count as of now! This Sunday the Texans open up the season against Division Rivals The Jacksonville Jaguars. The atmosphere will be electric as thousands of Houstonians will fill NRG Stadium for some welcome relief from Hurricane Harvey clean up. It should be a fun game, for Texans fans at least, as the Jaguars are 5 point underdogs.

What Will the Texans Record be?

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Juan “Pollo” Flores
Kitchen Manager, Fuqua

On this episode of Staff Spotlight we get to know Juan Flores, better known to his co-workers as Pollo, who has over 16 years in the restaurant industry as a cook.

Why do they call you Pollo?
Pollo: There were a few guys named Juan also training with me. We all got nicknames to help tell us apart. I got Pollo.

How long have you worked at Bayou City Wings?
Pollo: Nine years and 9 months

What is your favorite thing about working at Bayou City Wings?
Pollo: I love what i do. I love being in the kitchen.

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you want to bring with you?
Pollo: The only thing I would want is my children with me. So we can enjoy the beach.

Fun Facts

  • Born in Puebla, Mexico
  • Loves Salsa music from Columbia
  • His favorite movie is ‘Captain America’


No Room For Error

As we come into the home stretch of the season the Astros find the cushion they built at the beginning of the season evaporating. They still have an 11 game lead for the AL west title, so it would still take a major collapse for the Astros to miss the playoffs. Still, it is a little disconcerting to see the team struggle with their starting pitching like this. And you always like to have some momentum going into the playoffs. Especially in Baseball it’s not about who has the best record on the season, but who’s hot going into the playoffs.

What do you thing is the Astros biggest concern to finish the regular season?

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Football Is Back!

Texans Training Camp is in full swing in Greenbrier, West Virginia, and already a lot is happening. Biggest news coming out of Texans Camp is the injury of Will Fuller.Fuller broke his Collar bone and looks to be out for 2 to 3 months. This is a huge blow to the Texans and Fuller as the young receiver is still raw and needs the extra reps to improve and we really don’t know who will step up and fill the #2 receiver spot behind Hopkins.


Houston Texans Training Camp: Watt Is Back, Fuller Breaks Collarbone


Now that we’re in the second half of the Baseball season, and the games are REALLY starting to count, it’s not the time for the Astros to start struggling, but here we are. With injuries to the pitching staff and bats that have just cooled off the Astros need to right the ship. They built up a good cushion during the first half of the season, and it would take a major collapse for the team to miss the post season, but it would sure be nice to close out the regular season with some momentum moving forward.


The Dog Days of Dominance: Astros Continue Summer Struggle

How Would you Grade Deshaun Watson's Preseason Debut For The Texans?

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The US vs. El Salvador game last Wednesday was an ugly game that left some players biting mad. Credit to Jozy Altidore for keeping his composure after being bitten by El Salvadore’s Henry Romero on a corner kick. Another US player, Omar Gonzalez also reported being bitten by an unknown player on the El Salvadoran team. Further Punishment may becoming down but as it stand the US won the game 2 – Nil and now moves on to play Jamaica at 8:30 on Wednesday, August 26th. With half off apps after 9PM Bayou City Wings is the perfect place to catch the game!

US struggle to keep focus amid El Salvador’s “shocking” biting antics

In other sports news the Rockets are looking for a new owner. Long time owner Leslie Alexander has decided to sell the team. The Rockets are in a good position right now, having 2 superstars and coming off of another solid season, so who knows how much the team is worth? Both Tilman Fertitta and Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale have expressed interest in buying the team.

Fertitta interested in buying Rockets

Who Should Buy The Rockets?

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