World Series WIN!!!

What a series! What a great win for the Astros and the City of Houston. We needed that. After Harvey and everything else it’s such a great thing that the ‘Stros we able to bring their first championship ever home. The beat the best in Major League baseball and to was a pretty evenly matched Series, but our boys still earned history and came home with the win. What more can we say about this team? Nothing except that they’re still young and we’ll have this core together for a couple more years. Don’t be surprised if the Astros are back in the Fall Classic next year.


Unfortunately the big news coming from the Texans right now is…what’s the opposite of Good? Oh yeah. Bad. Very Bad. DeSaun Watson tore his ACL at practice and is out for the season. It’s got to be frustrating for a player off to such a great start to his NFL career to face an injury like that. The Texans are just snake bit this season. There’s really no other way to explain it.

Do you think the Astros will be back in the World Series next year?

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